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In this section you will find information on our Funding schemes, Training opportunities and Advisory services to support and enable you as Seafood processor active in the Irish Seafood Industry.


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Seafood Innovation Hub

The Seafood Innovation Hub, applies an Innovation design process to provide seafood specific supports that can add-value, by facilitating discussions on technical Feasibility, market Desirability and commercial Viability, interpreting findings and arriving at an action plan through a business specific case.

Seafood Innovation Hub

Funding Funding

We provide grant aid right across the Irish Seafood Industry. Find out what funding options are applicable to your business.

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Sustainability & Certification Sustainability & Certification

BIM can assist you in meeting your environmental legislative requirements, and also to implement best environmental management practices and obtain product certification that contribute to a pristine environment, in which to produce sustainable, safe, seafood.

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Training Training

We can help you and your staff develop key skills with training across all sectors of the Irish Seafood Industry, from upskilling in your existing area, to exploring new career paths for novice entrants. Our National Colleges are ISO accredited.

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Industry Projects Industry Projects

Read about our current and completed projects between BIM and Industry, across a range of sustainable, technical and innovative areas.

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Seafood Processing

Project Baltic

An assessment of individual quick freezing and thawing technologies

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Seafood Processing

Digital Food Safety Management Systems

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Advisory Services Advisory Services

Our Business Development Advisors and  Technical Experts are here to assist you in creating process efficiencies, technical innovations and aiding competitiveness for your business.


Seafood Processing

National Seafood Survey - Seafood Processing

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Fisheries Aquaculture Seafood Processing

Food Safety

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Our directory of seafood processors in Ireland lists seafood businesses across finfish, pelagic, shellfish, smoked and whitefish categories.

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