The Sustainability Toolkit

Our new sustainability toolkit has a range of calculators, questionnaires, guidance documents, and informational materials. These resources will help your company on the road to improving the sustainability of your operations. This will be an evolving resource with additional content added throughout the year.

Resource Efficiency Tools Resource Efficiency Tools

Resource Efficiency Guide

This Resource Efficiency Guide demonstrates how the seafood processing industry can significantly improve the efficiency and sustainability of their resource use across key areas including: water usage, waste management, energy consumption and transport. The guide provides practical tips, examples, and case studies.

Cost Tracker Tool

To reduce the use of our resources the first and most important step is to understand current usage levels. Recording baseline data allows companies to identify patterns in usage and set meaningful targets

More management tools to explore More management tools to explore

Waste & Packaging Management


Water Management

Energy Management

To learn more about these tools contact:

Green Programme Coordinator

Martina O'Brien