Greencastle Sea Survival Pool

BIM equip fishermen and others working in the seafood sector in Ireland with the survival techniques and instruction necessary to maximise their chances of surviving an accident at sea.

One of the most important elements of this course is the pool-based training which gives students a realistic sense of what they face in the event of an accident at sea and training them to deal with and overcome the challenges that they would face if that were to happen.

Facilities Facilities

BIM operates a specialist sea survival pool in its National Fisheries College in Greencastle, Co Donegal.

The pool dimensions are:

Environment conditions that can be created:

The facility includes:

Pool Rental Pool Rental

The pool is available for rental and usage by other approved maritime users.

Facility Rental Prices

User Type Cost Notes
Seafood Sector Rate €1,193 per day
Seafood sector rate per person €75 16 students
Marine sector rate €2,996 per day
Rate per person €250 12 students
Pool only Rate €2,016 per day
Hourly Rate €250 per hour To include lifeguard.
Plus insurance surcharge or indemnity.
Transition Year Rate €1,193 per day
Transition year rate per person €75 3-day Basic Safety Training

Pool Policy

Click here to access the Sea Survival Pool Policy

Information Booklets

For more information / to discuss your requirements contact:

Principal, BIM NFCI Greencastle

Garvan Meehan