Husbandry Innovation for the Shellfish Sector

A Desktop Review of Alternative Husbandry Technologies of Relevance to the Irish Crassostrea gigas Sector

Numerous oyster husbandry systems have been developed internationally to suit the varying environmental conditions in which oysters are grown. Each seeks to address the same major challenges facing every oyster farmer: how to maximise quality and survival, minimise production costs and improve the sustainability of oyster businesses.

In this report technical information is provided on some new to market and some established husbandry systems which were developed in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Sources included available online resources and interviews with the owners of the technology as well as Irish producers who have trialled it. Each system is described using the following criteria:

Below are links to each system reviewed:
Hanging Floating Bag System
Adjustable Longline System
OstréA Spin

Every oyster farm site differs in terms of orientation, size, depth, bottom type, nutrient availability and degree of exposure. For this reason, small scale trials should always be carried out to determine the suitability of any equipment to your particular operation and this must always be done in accordance with the Fisheries (Amendment) Act 1997.

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