Fish Welfare Workshops

We offer fish welfare workshops designed to equip the learner with the knowledge and competence in fish welfare practice and handling techniques to meet and exceed regulatory and 3rd party standards requirements.

Fish Welfare Workshops Fish Welfare Workshops

Upcoming ONLINE Marine Fish Health & Welfare Workshop November 2022

BIM is running a Fish Health and Welfare Workshop for the marine finfish aquaculture industry.


Course Tutors

The workshops will be delivered by Aquatic Veterinary Surgeons.



Online Webinar

Registration is now open.


Marine Health & Welfare ONLINE Workshop: 29 NOVEMBER

Participants will be given an overview of fish welfare and husbandry and the importance of good fish welfare practices relevant to their duties.

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Workshop  Dates
Marine Fish Health and Welfare Workshop (1 Day) Tuesday 29 November 2022

Fish Health and Welfare Tool kit Fish Health and Welfare Tool kit

Fish Welfare Workshops are funded under the Ireland’s Operational Programme under EMFF and is co-funded by the Irish Government and the EU.

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