BIM Water Stewardship Programme

Save Water, Reduce Costs

BIM, working in collaboration with Central Solutions Ltd., is running a National Water Stewardship Programme developed specifically for the Irish Seafood Industry.

The programme aims to provide seafood processing sites with a structured approach to managing water on site, as well as support at each step as they progress on their journey to better water stewardship. 

Following a successful pilot of this programme, seafood processors like Irish Fish Canners, Kish Fish, Norfish and Goatsbridge have achieved significant efficiencies and cost savings.

Programme Benefits Programme Benefits


Reduce water usage on site by up to 30%


Achieve average savings of up to €20,000 p.a.


Identify and repair potential leaks on site


Accepted under Bord Bia's Origin Green scheme


Identify and mitigate water related risks


Five Steps to Better Water Stewardship Five Steps to Better Water Stewardship


Getting Started

Step 1


Map & Plan

Step 2


Measure & Monitor

Step 3


Analyse & Improve

Step 4


Lead & Control

Step 5

BIM Supports


Building initial awareness of shared water challenges and risks



Developing a Water Map and achieve a high level of awareness


Measurement Support

Understanding the sites water usage establishing a monitoring regime


SWU Investigation Support

Implementing solutions and building a system of continuous improvement


Annual Review

Continuous water stewardship embedded in the DNA of the firm


The programme is anchored on the “Five Steps to Better Water Stewardship”, a framework that provides an actionable approach to rolling out water stewardship across all sites.

Throughout this programme, your site will receive support at each step as you progress on your journey to better water stewardship.


Download our Water Stewardship Programme Brochure

For more information contact

Green Programme Co-ordinator / Food Safety Specialist

Jeanne Gallagher PhD