Irish Seafood Companies look to Innovation in Food Waste Elimination

BIM, Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency and Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, today (Thursday 22 June 2017) facilitated a Sustainability Knowledge Sharing trip for ten leading Irish seafood companies to Silver Hill Farm in Co. Monaghan to deliver valuable insights and learnings around the area of sustainability from an innovative Irish company that has effectively eliminated waste from their business.

The participating seafood companies: Sofrimar, Kish Fish, Island Seafood’s, Keohanes, McBride Fishing, Atlantis, Oceanpath, Killybegs Seafood’s, Premier Fish and Irish Fish Canners  have been  working with both BIM through the Green Seafood Business Programme and Bord Bia to drive sustainability in their businesses and in particular to achieve the high standards set out under Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme, the national sustainability plan for the food and drink sector. 

Sustainability has formed a vital part of Silver Hill Farm’s expansion plan. Since becoming verified members of the Origin Green programme, the company’s sustainability plan has worked hand in hand with its business plan and focuses on key objectives including reducing carbon, eliminating waste and maximising efficiencies.

Silver Hill Farm has dedicated itself to a policy of maximising output and eliminating waste and over the years they have developed a market for every part of the duck! It is a family run and export focused business employing 160 people and produces 60,000 ducks each week

BIM, in conjunction with Bord Bia, will be organising a cross-sectoral Sustainability Knowledge Sharing Visit later in 2017 whereby a leading seafood processor will host a delegation from other Irish food sectors in order to showcase the innovations and achievements of the seafood sector in the area of sustainability.