Glenmar Shellfish Nominated for Green Seafood Business Award Sponsored by BIM

Glenmar Seafood Products

Glenmar Seafood Products

Congratulations to Glenmar Shellfish who are one of seven finalists in contention for the ‘Green Seafood Business Award’ sponsored by BIM at the upcoming Green Awards in the Doubletree Hotel, Dublin on the 8th April.

Along with fellow nominees Quinlan’s Fish, Island Seafoods, HF Foods, Irish Seafood Producers Group, Shellfish Ireland and Sofrimar; Glenmar Shellfish are delighted to be shortlisted for this prestigious award. Glenmar has been serving the export industry for over thirty years, and their particular focus in the last three years has been on modernising their approach towards buying, production and selling to adjust to the rapidly changing needs of the fishing industry.

There has been an ambitious move by Glenmar to maximise the quality of the seafood product, investing in a new ‘frozen at sea’ prawn product range. The result has been outstanding, a premium product frozen and graded on board within 20 minutes of catch, putting a whole new meaning to live frozen products. This innovative production system also allows Glenmar to cut back significantly in packaging, product discards, electricity, water and emissions which contributes to the company’s ‘Green’ credentials.

In fact, their developments in this area has led to their nomination this year with a list of sustainable practices including reduced water usage, packaging, energy, raw material waste that is testament to the company’s green agenda.

If you would like advice on how to improve to reduce running costs in your seafood company and in doing so, protect the environment – find out more about BIM’s Green Seafood Business Programme

Good luck to all the team at Glenmar and for further information on the company please visit the Glenmar Shellfish website