Brexit Temporary Tie Up Scheme – Extra Month Tie Up Announced for Rockall Squid Vessels

The Brexit Temporary Tie Up Scheme is to temporarily mitigate the negative impacts on the white fish sector from the reduction in quotas for 2021 arising from the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and difficulties in accessing UK waters or third country waters due to Brexit.

The opportunity to tie up for an extra month has been announced today for the Rockall Squid Vessel Option (RSVO) and applications to avail of this need to be submitted to BIM by close of business on Wednesday 27th October 2021.

The Rockall Squid Vessel Option is a sub-section of the Brexit Temporary Tie-up Scheme. As such, any vessel applying for the RSVO must first meet all of the eligibility criteria of the Brexit Temporary Fleet Tie-up Scheme, such as Days at Sea, quantities of TCA affected species caught etc. Applications that meet the RSVO condition but do not meet the other criteria of the tie-up scheme will not qualify for the scheme. Vessels meeting the following additional criteria for the RSVO may avail of the opportunity to tie up for an additional calendar month in 2021:

Polyvalent vessels that have recorded total landings over 2019/20 of at least 5 tonnes of squid species, or at least 3 tonnes in either 2019 or 2020, logged as caught in ICES statistical rectangles 43D5, 43D6, 44D5 and 44D6 in area 27.6.b.2.

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