Brexit Temporary Fleet Tie Up Scheme

Apply for grant funding targeted at whitefish vessels impacted by quota transfers to the UK under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA)

The purpose of the scheme is to temporarily mitigate the negative impacts on the white fish sector from:

  1. The reduction in quotas for 2021 arising from the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. The Scheme aims to mitigate losses associated with certain stocks included in Annex FISH.1 and FISH.2 of the TCA.
  2. Difficulties in accessing UK waters or third country waters due to Brexit.

The scheme will support white fish vessels in the Polyvalent and Beam Trawl segments to temporarily cease all fishing activity in a particular calendar month, thus increasing the quota available for remaining vessels.

Rockall Squid Vessel Option (RSVO)

Vessels meeting the following criteria may opt to tie up for two consecutive months between July and October 2022.

Polyvalent vessels that have recorded total landings over 2019/20 of at least 5 tonnes of squid species , or at least 3 tonnes in either 2019 or 2020, logged as caught in ICES statistical rectangles 43D5, 43D6, 44D5 and 44D6 in area 27.6.b.2.

Note: The RSVO is a sub-section of the Brexit Temporary Fleet Tie-up Scheme. As such, any vessel applying for the RSVO must first meet all of the eligibility criteria of the Brexit Temporary Fleet Tie-up Scheme, such as Days at Sea etc. Applications that meet the RSVO condition but do not meet some or all of the other criteria of the tie-up scheme will not qualify for any payment.

If you wish to avail of ‘Squid Vessel’ option, you must indicate this by ticking the box on the application. BIM will check with the SFPA that your vessel meets the criteria for the squid option. You are also advised to check with your BIM Regional Officer if you have any queries in relation to the scheme.

Who is Eligible Who is Eligible

What is Funded What is Funded

The scheme will offer a payment to eligible sea-fishing licence holders participating in the Scheme.  Participating vessels will cease all fishing activity and remain in port for a calendar month period. The grant aided vessels in question must not engage in fishing activity of any sort for the duration of the grant aided period.

Amounts Granted Amounts Granted

The following payments apply to applicants approved under the Scheme.

The ‘Size of Vessel’ means the ‘Overall length’ of the vessel as recorded on the Irish Fleet Register.

Size of vessel Payment over 1 month tie-up period
Under 10m €4,600
10<11.99m €7,100
12 < 14.99m €14,200
15 < 17.99m €24,500
18 < 20.99m €45,400
21m< 23.99m €59,000
24m <39.99m €88,700


Vessel owners may apply to BIM to tie-up their vessels for two non-consecutive months from June to November 2022 inclusive, however, vessels choosing this option must maintain a two month gap between tie-up months e.g. June and September or July and October.

Submission date no later than Tie – up month
Applications for June now closed June 2022
Applications for July now closed July 2022
Applications for August now closed August 2022
Applications for September now closed September 2022
Applications for October now closed October 2022
Applications for November now closed November 2022

How to Apply How to Apply


Electronic Application

Apply online on Grant Electronics Management System

Warning: This application form is not compatible with mobile devices. For best results please use desktop/laptop when completing this form.

For technical queries in relation to BIM’s Grants Electronic Management System (GEMS) please email the grants helpdesk at 


Call 01-2144100 (phone lines are open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm)


Application Guidance Notes for the Rockall Squid Vessel Option

• Applicants qualifying under the Rockall Squid Vessel Option (RSVO) may apply for two tie up periods of one month each and two tie-up payments.

• Due to the Brexit Temporary Fleet Tie-up Scheme structure, applicants for the ‘Rockall Squid Vessel Option’ will be required to make two separate applications one for each month.

• To save time applicants are advised to complete their first application for the first tie-up month. In doing so Applicants should indicate on the form that they wish to avail of the Squid Vessel Option of an extra month’s tie-up.

• Once your first application is submitted, there will be an option to copy your submitted application. Using the COPY button, the applicant can create a duplicate of the first month’s application. This copies all the answers you provided in the first application but does not copy the uploaded documents.

• Applicants must change the month selected in the duplicate (second) months application.

• The applicant will have to re-upload the supporting documentation (attachments) before they can submit the second application for the second month.

• Where the crew listing has changed for the second months application, a new Signed Statutory Declaration must be submitted. Otherwise, a copy of the original will do.

Applicants are advised to contact their BIM Regional Officer if they have any questions in this regard.


Required Documentation

You will be required to upload scanned copies of the following documents, in PDF or image format:

  • Sea-Fishing Boat Licence
  • Sample bank statement, showing the account name and bank account details for the grantee
  • Tax Reference and tax clearance access numbers.
  • Crew Compensation Declaration, witnessed by a commissioner for oaths or a practising solicitor. Download Declaration template here.
  • BIM Safety Card, Enhanced Safety Card or Certificate of Competency for each crew member

Please Note:

BIM Safety Cards / Certificates of Competency (COC) and the Brexit Temporary Tie-up Scheme (Hereafter referred to as the ‘Scheme’).

A copy of all listed crew member’s BIM Safety Cards / COC must be provided at the time of application to the Scheme.

Where an application lists a crew member not in possession of a BIM Safety Card / COC. The crew member must have booked onto and  paid for the appropriate training course to qualify them for a BIM Safety Card / COC otherwise the application cannot be progressed.

All candidates for training must complete an appropriate BIM Training Registration form whether EU or Non-EEA to facilitate consideration for training at a BIM Training Centre.

Please download the relevant form:

BIM Training Registration (EU)

BIM Training Registration (Non-EEA)

The original crew list supplied cannot be amended to avoid this step.

BIM will withhold payment in its entirety of any approved grant payment under the Scheme, until the crew member qualifies for and supplies the required documentation.

In such cases , BIM has been instructed to notify the Marine Survey Office (MSO) of the situation. 

Where a the crew member is, for example, a foreign national and does not have a safety card but holds qualifications accepted as equivalent under European legislation and Marine Notice 6 of 2011. The crew member must apply for and be approved to be issued with a BIM Safety Card, otherwise the application cannot be progressed.

Where an existing BIM Safety Card is presented but is out of date these will be accepted in line with Marine Notice 14 of 2020 (Version 5). BIM Safety Cards (issued pre 2014) that do not show an expiry date will also be accepted for the purposes of the Scheme.

It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that all required documentation is provided.

Delays caused by failure to do so may result in:

  • loss of the preferred tie-up month,
  • significant delays in payment of a grant
  • failure to qualify for approval under the Scheme.

Brexit Temporary Tie Up Grantees

October – December 2021

Brexit Temporary Tie-up Grantees

June 2022

Brexit Temporary Tie-Up Grantees

July 2022

Brexit Temporary Tie-Up Grantees

August 2022

Brexit Temporary Tie-Up Grantees

September 2022

Brexit Temporary Tie-up Grantees

October 2022

Brexit Temporary Tie-Up Grantees

November 2022

Brexit Temporary Tie-Up Grantees

For more information contact or your regional officer

Regional Development Officer - North (Donegal)

Frances O'Dwyer

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