Brexit Inshore Fisheries Business Model Adjustment Scheme

This short-term aid scheme aims to provide assistance to inshore fishers in adjusting their business operations as a result of the impacts of Brexit. It is targeted at active vessels under 18m (LOA) operating in the inshore sector that did not receive support under the Brexit Temporary Tie-up Scheme. The scheme is open for applications until 31st March 2022


Who is Eligible Who is Eligible

This scheme is open to eligible sea-fishing licence holders / vessel owners of active fishing vessels under 18m (LOA) operating in the inshore sector.

For the purpose of this scheme, inshore fishers are defined as:

Applicants are not eligible to apply if they have received payment under the Brexit Temporary Tie-Up Scheme.

What is Funded What is Funded

In order to alleviate the negative impacts faced from market access difficulties, increased costs of logistics and storage as well as costs attributable to the new trading arrangements with the UK under the TCA, funding is provided for vessel owners to undertake online training modules to provide assistance in adjusting business operations.

There are five online training models to choose from. Each module is 90 minutes long.

You must complete ONE module before 1 May 2022.* No payment will be made until a module is completed.

*Training module completion date extended from 1st May 2022 to 31st May 2022 for applications approved after 25th March 2022


Module 1 Investigating Your Seafood Business Idea

This module will help you focus on finding the right idea that will deliver commercial results and will set out steps on how to successfully research your future business idea.

Module 2  

Updating Your Seafood Business Plan

This module will provide  focus on updating your business plans to reflect your new business ideas and ensuring that you have a robust roadmap that will support a commercially viable business.

Module 3 Alternative Market Opportunities for your Inshore Catch 

This module aims to inform fishers on alternative markets, how they can access and exploit them and how to sell their catch direct to consumers.

Module 4  

Understanding your Market and Maximising the Return from your Inshore Catch 

This module will provide the inshore sector with an overview of the market for the major inshore species, the market requirements for these species and the characteristics of good and bad product.

Module 5 Digital Skills for Inshore Fishing Businesses

On this short course you will learn about the opportunities to reach customers using online tools. It will include areas such as:

  •  how to navigate the internet as a small business owner
  • how to use social media, Google, and email marketing to help develop your business
  • how a Smartphone can be a key tool to help you grow your business how to use

What is not Eligible What is not Eligible

The following are ineligible under this scheme:

Amounts Granted Amounts Granted

Payment is in the form of a single ex-gratia payment covering all inshore vessels in the two categories Under 8m and Over 8m as follows:

Size of vessel Payment
Under 8m (7.99m max) €2,700
8m to under 18m (17.99m max) €4,000


The ‘size of vessels’ means the Overall Length (LOA) of the vessel as recorded on the Irish Fleet Register

Note: Each individual vessel is limited to one grant payment only. If the vessel is sold to a new owner(s) they will not be eligible for a grant on that same vessel.

How to Apply How to Apply


Electronic Application

Apply online on Grant Electronics Management System

Warning: This application form is not  compatible with mobile devices. For best results please use desktop/laptop when completing this form.

For general queries about your application:



Call 0818 361800 (Phone lines are open Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm)






Application Guidance Notes & Required Documentation

Uploaded copies of documentation must be scanned in PDF or image format


Demonstration of fishing activity

For vessels to be eligible, they must demonstrate they were actively fishing in 2021 as follows:


Vessels > 10m

For vessels greater than or equal to 10 metres in length, they must demonstrate that they were active during January to December 2021 through logbook data showing a minimum of 30 days fishing activity.

All applications will be checked by BIM with the SFPA in this regard.


Vessels < 10m

For vessels under 10 metres in length, they must demonstrate that they were active during January to December 2021 through Sales Notes recorded on the SFPA Sale notes database showing landings of a minimum value of €1,000.

All applications will be checked by BIM with the SFPA to ensure adherence with Sales Notes Regulatory Compliance.


Other required documentation:

  • Sea-Fishing Boat Licence
  • Copy bank statement, showing the account name and bank account details for the Grantee
  • Tax Reference Number and TCAN number

For more information please contact

Grant Information Assistance