Regional Development Officers – Inshore Fisheries

Our Regional Development Officers offer a range of services to provide support on a range of areas relevant to the Inshore Fisheries Sector


BIM has a range of funding schemes available to the Fisheries sector. These include Fleet Safety, Inshore Fisheries Conservation, V – Notching, Fisheries Improvement Schemes (FIPs) and Fisheries Local Action Group Schemes (FLAGs). 

Fisheries Funding


We can help you in relation to vessel registration and licensing queries, through our team of Regional Development Officers.


Assessment of fishing activity in Natura 2000 sites

Fishing activity within Natura 2000 sites must be assessed to ensure that it is not adversely affecting the site.

One example of the process can be read here about re-opening of the cockle fisheries in Dundalk bay following a Natura 2000 site assessment.


The Lobster V-Notching Conservation Method

The primary intention of the lobster V-notching method is to improve the sustainability of Ireland’s lobster stocks by protecting female lobsters so that they can breed a number of times.

The method has been in use in the USA (Maine) since the 1940s and in Ireland since 1994. In Ireland, circa 32,000 lobsters with a weight of some 27,000kg were released to enhance the breeding stock in 2018.

How does Lobster V-notching work?

V-notching involves manually removing a simple, V-shaped notch from the tail of a female lobster when first caught.

How can I participate in a Lobster V-notching programme?

The V-notching programme includes grant aid to approved groups (and in exceptional cases, individuals) that want to implement local lobster V-notching programmes.

All V-notching must be completed by the 14th of October unless specific arrangements have been made with your local BIM Officer


Develop a live holding facility for shellfish

Having the capacity to hold live shellfish such as lobsters, crabs and shrimps allows fishermen and shellfish buyers greater independence in how they buy and sell catches.

Our Regional Developments officers offer advice on the benefits, design, installation, maintenance and operation of live holding facilities for your business.

Your local Regional Development Officer can provide you with additional information on these services

Regional Development Fisheries Officer - South East

John Hickey

Regional Resource Development Officer NW -Mayo/Sligo

Declan Nee

Inshore Fisheries Officer Galway/Connemara & Clare

Máirtín Ó Tuairisg

Regional Development Officer - North (Donegal)

Frances O'Dwyer

Regional Development Officer - South West

Sean Daly

Regional Development Officer - East Coast

Richard Gildea