Bord Iascaigh Mhara is committed to ensuring that all services and goods are procured in compliance with public sector and EU guidelines and directives to ensure that there is an emphasis on the management of public funds.  Bord Iascaigh Mhara follow the fundamental principles of transparency, integrity, economy, openness, fairness, competition, and accountability.

Bord Iascaigh Mhara publish all procurements over €25k (over the lifetime of the project) on eTenders which is the Irish Government’s electronic tendering platform administered by the Office of Government Procurement. 


Tender Panels

Mentoring Panel for Brexit Advisory Services for BIM and the Irish Seafood Industry
Establishment of a Panel for the supply of marine samples to support BIM’s Seafood Technical Services Projects
Supply of commercial fishing vessel charter to support BIM Fisheries Conservation projects in reducing unwanted catches


Tenders published on eTenders which are closing in 2021

ID Number Procedure Tender name Closing date
181616 Open (non OJEU) Provision of digital education strategy support and training services   08/01/2021
181620 Open (OJEU) Secretariat function for the Irish Technology and innovation platform   08/01/2021
181140 Open (non OJEU) Provision of consultancy services to prepare a strategic environmental assessment and appropriate assessment for the national strategic plan for sustainable aquaculture development   18/01/2021
182483 Open (non OJEU) Business refinement support   08/01/2021
182621 Open (non OJEU) Provision of seafood filleting and seafood preparation training services for BIM   25/01/2021
182622 Open (non OJEU) Provision of seafood quality assessment training services for BIM   25/01/2021
182750 Open (non OJEU) Hire of equipment to include generators, compressors, loadalls and registered electrical contractors services   25/01/2021
182756 Open (OJEU) Hire of demonstration vehicle (including 24 hour breakdown support throughout the island of Ireland and on-going maintenance)   15/02/2021
182925 Open (non OJEU) Provision of demersal (whitefish) sectoral Engagement and strategy co-creation   01/02/2021
183044 Open (non OJEU) Provision of Data Visualisation for the Seafood Industry   04/02/2021
183682 Open (non OJEU) Provision of a Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS)   15/02/2021
183899 Open (non OJEU) Provision of a Carbon footprint study of the Irish Seafood sector   19/02/2021
183928 Open (OJEU) Provision of a study to analyse the impact, management and prevalence of Norovirus in multiple oyster production areas around the coast of Ireland and to investigate the correlation and ratio of infectious and non-infectious virus in oysters at different stages of production   04/03/2021
184181 Open (non OJEU) Provision of a Labour Force Analysis of the Irish Fishing Fleet   23/02/2021
184150 Open (non OJEU) Provision of assessment and report on socio-economic Effects of Aquaculture in selected bays in Republic of Ireland   25/02/2021
184583 Open (non OJEU) Provision of a full system design and supply of two bubble curtains or barriers suitable for use in the Irish marine environment   03/03/2021
184613 Open (non OJEU) Provision of real-time data loggers with access to information via an online portal and associated flotation equipment for deployment along with mooring systems for Irish marine environment   04/03/2021
184852 Open (non OJEU) RFT for a suitably qualified and experienced service provider to deliver Invasive Alien Species consultancy services for the Irish Aquaculture industry   08/03/2021
185000 Open (non OJEU) Framework agreement – Quantitative and Qualitive  research survey (OGP)   09/03/2021
185588 Open (non OJEU) Provision of six Coordinated Local Aquaculture  Management Systems (CLAMS) addendum reports   22/03/2021
186084 Open (OJEU) Single Supplier Framework Contract for the provision of full graphic design, print and logistics services   09/04/2021
185770 Open (non OJEU) Establishment of panel for the supply of marine samples to support BIM’s Seafood Technical Services Project.   26/03/2021
186091  Open (non OJEU)  Mentoring panel for Brexit Advisory Services  for BIM and the Irish Seafood Industry            29/03/2021
186454  Open (non OJEU) Provision of genetic screening services to better understand the population dynamics of farmed bivalves                                            06/04/2021
186626    Open (OJEU)        Provision of Certification and Auditing services for BIM’s Aquaculture and Fisheries Standards and management of the continued accreditation for current accredited BIM Certification Standards            19/04/2021
186693 Open (non OJEU) Provision of Buoys, Lanterns, Sleeves and Topmarks               for use in the Special Unified Marking Scheme (SUMS)   09/04/2021
186800   Open (non OJEU) Provision of services to assess commercial air-drying              solutions for blue whiting Micromesistius poutassou   12/04/2021
186920 Open (non OJEU) Provision of Talent Integration Programme for the seafood industry   14/04/2021
187224 Open (non OJEU) Provision of mooring equipment to include sinkers, shackles, chains, and other chandlery items for the deployment of Buoys and Aids to Navigation (AtoN)   19/04/2021
187934  Open (non OJEU) Provision of Technical Support for BIM’s Sustainability Improver Programme   30/04/2021
189037  Open (non OJEU) Provision of investigations into optimization  of larval survival and production of spat in native oyster spatting ponds   14/05/2021
189310  Open (non OJEU) Provision of deployment and inspection of
Special Unified Marking Schemes in aquaculture
bays in Republic of Ireland
189782 Open (non OJEU) Provision of Seafood processing automation and digitization opportunities   24/05/2021
191543 Open (non OJEU) Provision of waste management services to develop Waste management and handling plans in line with the new directives in fishery harbours   25/06/2021
192126 Open (non OJEU) Provision of Strategy for the Development of the Irish Algal Industry 2021-2030   28/06/2021
192158 Open (non OJEU) Provision of eLearning Platform Licences   25/06/2021
192997 Open (non OJEU) Provision of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Machine   12/07/2021
193170 Open (non OJEU) Single Supplier Framework for the provision of Services for Interpretive and Educational Experiences   14/07/2021
193176 Open (non OJEU) Single Supplier Framework for the Supply of Ice Plant Engineering Services to Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM)   23/07/2021
193905 Open (non OJEU) Invitation to Tender for the Supply of Innovation Facilitation Services to Bord Iascaigh Mhara Seafood Innovation Hub, Clonakility, Co Cork   23/07/2021
194628 Open (OJEU) Supply of two Maritime Ship Navigation Simulators   29/08/2021
195131 Open (non OJEU) Provision of service to research and develop a viable and sustainable commercial bait for the Irish whelk Buccinum undatum pot fishery   17/09/2021
195750 Open (OJEU) Panel for Commercial Fishing Vessel Charter   20/08/2021
196803 Open (OJEU) Provision of a Strategy for the Irish Macro Algal Sector 2021- 2030   01/09/2021
196844 Open (OJEU) Information dissemination – Dashboards – Seafood data (OGP)   14/09/2021