Tender – Panel for the supply of commercial fishing vessel charter to support BIM Fisheries Conservation projects in reducing unwanted catches

A key element of the EU Common Fisheries Policy is the progressive elimination of discards in all EU fisheries through the introduction of a landing obligation. BIMs Fisheries Conservation team provides a range of services to fishermen to assist the wild fisheries sector fish more effectively, profitably, and sustainably. We work directly with the sector to develop gear modifications and other technical conservation measures that minimise unwanted catches of juvenile or over quota fish which greatly contributes to improved fisheries sustainability.


The purpose of this competition is to appoint a panel of suitably qualified vessels to assist in this work on full charter basis. Candidates will be required to provide information on their vessels and meet minimum criteria in relation to their suitability to participate in BIM gear trials. As specific technical trials arise, a mini competition will be run between successful candidates.


Established in August 2021, the panel is operational for a maximum of 5 years (or maximum expenditure of €214,000, whichever is the earliest).

Suitably qualified vessel owners may apply for inclusion on this panel (during the above period) by completing the Qualification Questionnaire available below and submitting it by email to: geartrials@bim.ie


 Documents for download