“Every day is different working on a boat at sea” – Kieran O’Neill, Engineer MFV Sparkling Star

Kieran O’Neill from Castletownbere in County Cork started his Engineer training with BIM in 2013. He worked as an engineer on the MFV Eternal Down for almost three years, before coming ashore for three years. By his own admission, the call of the sea was too strong, and he returned to his fishing career in 2020. He holds a Class 2 Engineering certificate and is the engineer on board the MFV Sparkling Star.

Kieran enjoys the sense of freedom he feels while at sea. “It’s just you and the crew on the hunt for fish”, he says. “As an engineer there is always something to be done. Every day is different working on a boat at sea. Each day brings a variety of challenges, there is such an assortment of machinery to service and maintain, but I thoroughly enjoy it.”