Seafood Training Scheme

This scheme is designed to create a talent pool for industry by developing skills and knowledge in line with EMFAF priorities.

This scheme is open to eligible individuals who wish to attend Recognised Training and Educational Courses.

For the purposes of this scheme “Recognised Training and Educational Courses” means courses provided via BIM, or by educational or training providers recognised by BIM as having the necessary competence to deliver courses which result in the same qualifications as those provided by BIM.

Who is Eligible Who is Eligible

This scheme is open to individuals who are:


(Note that all grants under this scheme will be paid directly to the student undertaking the training, and not to their employer. This is in order to allow students to claim subsistence payments to which they may be entitled.)

Eligible and Ineligible Expenditure Eligible and Ineligible Expenditure

Overview of eligible courses, eligible costs, etc, can be found here: Seafood Training Scheme – eligibility & grant calculations FOR PUBLICATION.xlsx

Eligible expenditure

Ineligible Expenditure

Amounts Granted Amounts Granted

Beneficiary Type Aid Intensity


Owners of Small Scale Coastal Fishing vessels, for courses deemed relevant for SSCF vessels 100%
All other eligible applicants, and all other courses which SSCF vessel owners might choose to attend 50%

How to Apply How to Apply


Electronic Application

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