U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, 193 countries met in New York and signed the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This Agenda has become the guide to the world’s social, economic and environmental actions to achieve a sustainable future by 2030. The framework consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Each of these goals has a number of targets associated with it (169 in total). Indicators identify the data that will be used to measure progress towards these targets and to determine if it has been achieved successfully by 2030.

The Irish Seafood Sector contributes over one billion to the Irish economy employing circa 14,000 people directly and indirectly around the coast and making the ocean a key economic, social and environmental asset. To protect this resource and sustain the long-term viability, profitability and value of the sector, the industry continues to improve its performance and adopt best practices. 

Using the universal language of the SDG’s, the Irish Seafood Sector will be able to communicate its contribution to advancing sustainable development, both by minimising negative impacts and maximising positive impacts on people and the planet (UN SDG’s 14.1, 14.2 and 14.4.)


Sustainable Development Goals

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