Seafood Sustainability in the Marketplace

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Sustainability has become an integral part of business today. Companies are now being expected to report on both financial and non-financial aspects of their business which has led to a re-focus on business activities which affect sustainability within companies. With changing global trends, increased consumer awareness of the environment, and global climate commitments, all players along the value chain cannot afford to ignore sustainability.

Project Seafood Sustainability in the Marketplace (SIM) investigates what sustainability means to seafood processors from a market perspective. Project SIM aims to uncover existing trends in the marketplace, consumer insights on the area of sustainability, as well as investigating the existing sustainability accreditations and certifications and investigating their benefits within the marketplace.

The outcome of Project SIM is to develop an investigative tool and a sustainability database. The investigative tool will allow BIM to understand a company’s sustainability status.

The database allows for the collation of up-to-date sustainability information on leading grocery retail chains and food service providers in the market which will aid seafood processors make strategic business decisions.

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