Lead and nurture leadership

Be the leader that Irish seafood needs

The role that BIM plays has continuously evolved since its foundation. What is needed now is strong, clear, and bold leadership. We need to proactively identify an ambitious future for Irish seafood, and then help the sector reach that objective.

To that end, we must start by talking to all stakeholders – within and outside of the sector. We need to lead a collective effort to identify constraints and potential opportunities. We can then work together to learn what insights, actions and measurable outcomes can deliver sustainable growth. BIM will become the catalyst for this change, and the beacon that guides it.

Over the next five years, we will partner with the Irish seafood industry to create and implement tailored development strategies. We will lead a process that defines the challenges, then finds and delivers ambitious solutions.

These solutions will respond to unique difficulties in each area and will also look for sector-wide opportunities. Most importantly, this process will be a true collaboration. Our support will be complimented and facilitated with learning and insights from those who work in the Irish seafood business.

Identify leaders from within the sector

We cannot lead alone. We need other leaders to work with us. We will find, develop, and encourage leadership across the Irish seafood sector.

In recent years, we have played a key role in building and developing skills within the Irish seafood sector. This has developed the capabilities and potential of the workforce and we now need to redouble our attention on this work.

We will do so by developing professional skills. We will also identify and support individuals with potential and advise businesses how to nurture their key people for a better future. Our strategy will see each of these sectoral leaders complete both formal and informal development programmes.

Gather the information we need for insight and action

BIM needs to become the recognised source for accurate, sophisticated, relevant, and timely data for the development of our sector. This will allow us to offer data-driven insights with targeted outcomes that can be meaningfully measured.

Our advice to the sector will be built on this foundation, including ways to respond to sustainability issues. Achieving this objective will need us to further develop our culture, and to invest in our capabilities and personnel. It will also see us form new strategic partnerships – national and global – with agencies and clients who can add their data and analysis to ours.

We will become the recognised expert on data for the development of the Irish seafood sector. This will need continuous improvement in the way we gather and analyse information – which will require fundamental change, but will deliver lasting benefits.