Develop our skills and agility

Resource our team

BIM needs to ensure we have the right skills, the right people, and the right organisational culture to meet the challenge of our new strategy. As a first step, we will assess any gaps in the existing experience and ability of our team. To achieve our strategic goals, we need to develop a pool of in-house expertise in new areas for BIM. These include data analysis, data-driven decision making, business development, and sustainability skills.

We will ensure our people have the training, career-development, and upskilling support to meet our future needs. We will also assess the performance of our people to recognise our new priorities that recognises agility and responsiveness and rewards results.

By the end of our five-year plan, all staff will have tailored career development plans in place and progress will be well advanced to reach an agreed outcome that matches the potential of each individual.

Align our structure

The BIM organisational structure needs to be assessed against our new strategic goals. Roles, teams, and work programmes will be reoriented to deliver our strategy more effectively. Responsibilities will be defined, but not isolated. We want to ensure our teams are integrated, coordinated and able to support each other at pace.

We will also ensure our organisation can respond quickly to emerging needs or new policy. We are not only reshaping BIM for this strategy, we are also preparing for a more uncertain world, particularly due to climate change. We will build this new BIM by benchmarking our capabilities, technology, and processes against international best practice.

Achieve best-practice governance

In this new environment, we will match or exceed best-practice governance standards for the public service. This will include new project management practices, led by a dedicated team that tracks strategic delivery. Key performance measures will be identified and assessed regularly against strategic project goals. Initiatives that drift from planned outcomes or timelines will be identified and supported to keep them on track. We will recognise projects that succeed and ensure accountability and learning for those that do not.