Deliver results with solutions that effect change

Focus on outcomes

The day-to-day work we do at BIM must focus on outcomes – on achieving agreed objectives. Everything we do must serve the purpose of transforming the long-term potential of the sector. We are here to provide solutions to the challenges the sector faces; to deliver and encourage progress, never to impede it.

Encourage innovation

We do not want to needlessly change traditional practices, but we must find new solutions to the new challenges faced by the sector. This starts by identifying what Irish seafood operators need from BIM to succeed. We need to innovate: to identify, trial, measure and implement new practices and new thinking that delivers better. This will be the bar that we set for our own team, and for those we support in the sector.

Develop training that delivers results

In collaboration with other agencies, and in partnership with industry leaders, we will devise and deliver a renewed suite of training. This will give the sector the skills needed to compete, to adapt, to stay safe and to be sustainable in a digital-first world. More importantly, it will help the Irish seafood sector to attract and retain talent, and to become a more diverse and motivated workforce.

Leverage the opportunities of sustainability

This is a topic we explore in depth in a separate goal, but it’s also included here to illustrate the application of this goal. For too long, the responsibility of sustaining the natural environment has been framed as an additional burden on the sector. It is, in fact, an opportunity that reflects the existing instincts and concerns of those who work in the Irish seafood sector.

BIM will continue to target our investment, training, and networking to identify and realise the potential of sustainability. The measure of this goal’s success will be that, by the end of the period of this strategy, we can demonstrate specific, tangible actions that helped secure the long-term future of this sector.