Achieve more by working together with purpose

Be clear and purposeful in our actions

Everything we do must focus on delivering measurable benefits for the Irish seafood sector. Our new strategic goals set a clear destination for the next five years. We must now activate this aim in our relationships with stakeholders, and in our own daily work. Tasks without purpose or tangible gain are simply not worth doing. Our people will have clarity and intent in their roles so they can identify and implement innovative actions to deliver our strategy.

Serve the Irish seafood sector with distinction

Our purpose is to serve the Irish seafood. Our organisation culture, performance measures, staffing and resources will evolve to reflect this. We will find ways to be more present and visible in the coastal regions where our support is most needed. This will allow us to build and leverage trust in our capabilities, and belief in our intent. Finally, we will tell the story of who we are and what we do – to retain and motivate our existing team, and to attract the best new people.

Be proud of who we are

We need BIM to become an inspirational representation of our goals for the sector. We will meet our obligation under the Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty. We aim to exceed these targets for inclusivity and diversity, and to ensure that all our people feel valued and respected. We can be proud of who we are, and even more proud of what we intend to do over the next five years. We need to reflect this in our communications and in our actions.

Measure and improve our performance

Setting out to change the way an organisation behaves will be demanding of us.  To ensure we are held to account for our ambition, we will identify and activate an external and objective measure of employee alignment. This will track how our people perceive and live by our new promises, and how this affects their work. In collaboration with our team, we will agree an ambitious target for this measure, and assess our progress towards it over five years.