Second level students to learn about careers in seafood sector at Irish Skipper Expo 2023

BIM Aquaculture Remote Classroom ( ARC) facilitator, Áine Lisa Shannon describes the socio-economic impact the seafood industry has on coastal communities to students of Wesley College, Co Dublin


BIM is highlighting careers and training in the seafood sector to second level students at this year’s Irish Skipper Expo in Limerick.  In addition to BIM’s coastal training unit being on site at the trade show, a second BIM mobile unit, its Aquaculture Remote Classroom (ARC), will be on site on Friday 24 February . The state of the art, mobile classroom currently visits schools throughout Ireland to help build awareness among pupils in primary and second level schools about aquaculture and the wider seafood industry using immersive technologies such as virtual reality.


Locally based second level pupils attending this year’s show will visit the ARC where they will meet BIM ARC class facilitator, Katie Boyle to gain a better understanding about career options within the seafood sector.  Students will also attend a range of talks given by people working in industry to broaden their understanding of the career options within the seafood sector.


A demonstration from BIM’s Conservation team about industry gear trials and how they are helping to enhance sustainable fishing practices is planned for the students. A fire safety demonstration is also taking place. Using a flame generator, students will learn from BIM safety instructors how and when to use water, foam, and CO2 extinguishers on a live flame. The RNLI is to demonstrate lifesaving equipment used at sea also.