Co. Louth Sea salt company launches world’s first liquid magnesium health supplements, with support from BIM

Making Waves with Liquid Magnesium: The Oriel Seasalt team pictured in Port Oriel, CLogherhead, Co. Louth ahead of the launch of the company’s new liquid magnesium range.


A Co. Louth Sea salt company is making waves globally with the launch of the world’s first deep sea liquid magnesium health supplement.


Oriel Sea Salt is reaping magnesium and minerals from deep sea water for use in health, well-being and skin care products. The magnesium-based liquid food supplement is soon to have a wider global reach after its launch online and in health food stores in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


“The response has been incredible and in September the range will be available online across the USA Canada and Middle East, giving consumers across the world access to this unique form of liquid magnesium, minerals and trace elements, vital to good health,” according to Oriel Salt CEO and co-founder, Brian Fitzpatrick.


The company, based in Port Oriel, Clogherhead, started as a sea salt harvesting business in 2013, and was the brainchild of Brian Fitzpatrick and his business partner, John Delany.



The journey to becoming a global leader in liquid magnesium production came when the company discovered that a by-product of its sea salt production were minerals with exceptional qualities and benefits for health and nutrition.


“This led us to develop patented technology to uncover and extract the rare and powerful nutrients of deep sea water, with invaluable support from various agencies including Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM). We use a unique sealed pressurised system in our harvesting, meaning all the goodness is retained.” said Brian.


A grant under the Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Development Scheme, implemented by BIM, has been a great support to Oriel on acquiring new equipment vital to seeing its business grow.


Oriel has invested in and developed technology which has now been patented in Ireland, UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. “This is true diversification as the company evolves from being food based (sea salt) to being a supplier of products to health, wellbeing and life science sectors. We anticipate that up to 75% of our products will be exported by the end of this year,” said Brian.

“When we started out our focus was on premium sea salt and the by-product was the magnesium and rich elements we extracted from that production. But things have turned full circle and now the sea salt is the by-product, while our core business is magnesium.”

Oriel sea salt is harvested under water using a special process. It has significantly less sodium than other salt and allows a reduction of 25% sodium without impacting on flavour.


It is used by Ireland’s top chefs and has many accreditations including four Blas na hEireann awards and four Great Taste awards. Oriel products have Organic Certification and Gold Standard Origin Green status for Sustainability and is used by many major brands including Coca Cola, Ballymaloe, East Coast Bakehouse, Waterford Blaa and O’Donnells Crisps.

Oriel is now the only company across the globe to harvest magnesium, minerals and trace elements in this unique free ion form directly from deep sea water. It is also the only company to hold Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO) from the EU Commission for its Minerals and Sea Salt.

Said Brian: “Magnesium connects and impacts health, immunity, sleep and energy and we are providing this in a 100 per cent natural, pure, free ion, liquid form. It is used in nutrition supplementation, medical devices and many high street skincare and cosmetic brands, as well wound care.”

Blue chip clients in skincare include Neals Yard Remedies, ESPA, GOSH and Pestle & Mortar.

Oriel has worked with scientists at DCU over the last several years to develop this unique form of liquid magnesium, with research published in medical, science and skincare journals.

“We are proud to be harvesting one of our countries greatest resources, the ocean, for its most precious nutrients using Irish patented technology in a sustainable, organic manner.”


“The support we have had over the years from BIM has been immense. Supporting Oriel is ensuring that we continue to grow our products, brand, innovation and employment from our local community. We now plan to upgrade many elements of our equipment to ensure we can maintain the quality and supply as we find new clients and we are delighted that BIM is supporting us in the regard.”