Fishing for Science – From Deck to Desk and Back

Presentation by Macdara Ó Cuaig, Marine institute,  Fishing for Science- From Deck to Desk and Back

A talk from Macdara Ó Cuaig on how fishers and scientists work together to collect data which feeds into the assessment process to help maintain a sustainable environment and livelihood on our coasts. This presentation will show the current collaborative work and highlight the need to build and expand on this to ensure that the latest and most accurate data is collected and available for informed management of our natural resources. As an ex fisher himself Macdara is passionate about the role of fishers in improving the available science – the presentation will showcase this role and highlight the importance of data from the deck. Light refreshments.


Free Event

No registration required


17 November 2022
17 November 2022


7:00 PM


National Fisheries College of Ireland, Greencastle, Co. Donegal