STCW Personal Survival Techniques


Programme Overview Programme Overview

Personal Survival Techniques (PST) is a one day course split into both theory and practicals, including launching and entering a life raft.

Included are actions to be taken by persons for self protection in emergency situations, survival at sea and deployment of safety equipment.

Programme information Programme information

Next Programme Dates

NFCI, Greencastle Co Donegal



CTU1, Rossaveal, Co Galway


Who is the Programme for

Persons working in the Seafood Industry or Public Service.



National Fisheries College of Ireland (NFCI), Castletownbere, Co. Cork.

National Fisheries College of Ireland (NFCI), Greencastle, Co. Donegal.

This programme is also delivered at various locations throughout Ireland in BIM Coastal Training Units (CTUs).


Duration and Timetable

Short course delivered over 1 day.


Training Methodology

Classroom theory in Personal Survival Techniques, Safety Equipment

on-board, use of Personal Flotation Device (PDF) and Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), Maintenance of safety equipment, Musters and Drills, Abandon ship, life raft equipment, survival techniques onboard the raft.  Role of the Emergency Services.

Practical exercise in the pool.  Launching the raft, Board the raft dry/wet.  Taking injured casualties onboard the raft.  Procedure for righting an up turned life raft. 



Personal Survival Techniques issued by BIM on behalf of Department of Transport.


Entry Requirements

Working in the Sea Food Industry or Public Service.

Must hold a letter from a Doctor to state they are fit to do the course or a valid Seafarers Medical Certificate ENG11.


Employment Opportunities

Mandatory course for employment on board a fishing vessel.



Practical & written examination.





For more information contact

National Fisheries College of Ireland (Cork)

Castletownbere, Co Cork

National Fisheries College of Ireland (Donegal)

Greencastle, Co Donegal