Inshore Fisheries Conservation Scheme


Under this call for proposals, capital investments which result in one or more of the following outcomes will be considered for funding:


Who is Eligible Who is Eligible

The scheme is open to licence holders of Irish registered fishing vessels under 12 metres in length.

What is Funded What is Funded

The following items will be considered for funding:


Amounts granted Amounts granted

The following payments apply to applicants approved under the Scheme.


Beneficiary Type Support Rate
Small Scale Coastal Fishers 80%
Non-Small Scale Coastal Fishers 40%


Note:  In addition to the support rates detailed above the following applies:

Scheme Documentation Scheme Documentation

How to Apply How to Apply


Electronic Application

Apply online on Grant Electronics Management System


Warning: This application form is not compatible with mobile devices or tablets. For best results please use desktop/laptop when completing this form.

For technical queries in relation to BIM’s Grants Electronic Management System (GEMS) please contact the grants helpdesk using this form.







Required Documentation

You will be required to upload scanned copies of the following documents, in PDF or image format:

  • Supplier Quotes
  • Current Fishing Licence
  • Bank Statement Header of the applicant to facilitate electronic payments
  • Tax Clearance Access Number TCAN


Please Note: 

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all required documentation is provided.

Delays caused by failure to do so may result in:

  • significant delays in payment of a grant
  • failure to qualify for approval under the Scheme.

For more information

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