Elevate – Talent Integration Programme

Apply to join BIM’s Talent Integration Programme which is being delivered in partnership with Grant Thornton

Programme Overview Programme Overview

Bord Iascaigh Mhara’s Elevate Programme, in partnership with Grant Thornton, is a talent integration programme that will help equip participating companies with the right skills, knowledge, processes and tools to build sustainable career paths within their seafood businesses.

A key challenge in the current environment is the competition for talent, having a clear value proposition and positive reputation around people management. These areas are key to attracting talent for your business.

This programme will enable Irish seafood businesses to drive growth and value through their people in a sustainable manner.

What is a Talent Integration Programme? What is a Talent Integration Programme?

A Talent Integration Programme seeks to create a sustainable career path for individuals who  are valuable to an organisation or industry. It brings a structured approach to the lifecycle of an employee and creates value through realising and nurturing people’s potential.

It’s not enough just to hire talented individuals; developing and retaining is essential.

The Elevate Programme focuses on five key areas of an employee’s lifecycle;

Identify, Attract, Hire & Integrate, Develop and Retain.

This Programme will provide training, coaching and support on developing and using key talent management tools such as a standardised recruitment process, an induction programme and an employee development plan. It will also provide HR advice to enable companies to be compliant.

What are the benefits of this programme? What are the benefits of this programme?

People are the most valuable asset in any organisation. A loss of talent creates disruption and requires investment. In a market where competition and innovation is essential to growth, having the right people in the right roles is crucial.

On completion of the programme, seafood businesses will have greater understanding of how to incorporate a talent management framework into their business model in the following ways:

Participating companies will receive a talent management toolkit including:

How will it work? How will it work?

The maximum period of each engagement will be four months, including the following schedule with the Talent Integration Team

Grant Thornton Client Sponsor Client Nominated Project Lead BIM Project Manager
5 days 2 days 15 days 1 day

The maximum period for each engagement will be 4 months. For full information down the programme brochure. (Add pdf)

How to Apply How to Apply

Applicants from all sectors of the Irish seafood industry can avail of our Talent Integration Programme

Spaces on this programme are limited to XX companies in 2021. The closing date for applications is xxx. Applications submitted after this date will note be considered.

For learn more about this programme, please contact

Executive and Leadership Manager

Pat O'Leary