Processing Efficiency

Our processing efficiency services can help your business increase its competitiveness and improve its revenue through more effective and efficient processes that save time, money and effort.

Green Seafood Business Programme

Want to save money and help the environment at the same time?

Through our Green Seafood Business Programme we can help you reduce the operating costs associated with three major environmental inputs: energywater, and solid waste and packaging.

Energy Savings

We can help your company make significant reductions in energy consumption and cost often the starting point for best energy management practice. Past participants in the Programme have demonstrated the ability to save between 10% and 20% in energy costs.

Water Conservation

We can help you save on water use. Poor utilisation of water can cost seafood companies thousands of euros each year and the introduction of water metering makes conservation in this area even more crucial. In partnership with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) we will advise you on reducing your organisation’s overall water use.

Who is the Programme For

Green Seafood Business is available to all Seafood Processors with an interest in improving their environmental performance.

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