Technology Services for Fish Farmers

Technology Services for Fish Farmers Technology Services for Fish Farmers

Fish farming is a rapidly evolving form of food production. New species of fish and shellfish and new technologies and equipment are being developed all the time. We provide a range of services to help you keep abreast of these changes and make your business as competitive and as productive as possible.


Technology services

Part of BIM’s work is to help fish farmers to keep business on the leading edge of technology. BIM also helps fish farmers identify inefficiencies and develop new ideas. We support specific technological development in three different categories:


New technology

To support the development of the seafood industry, we stay up-to-date with the latest technological innovations internationally with a key focus technical solutions that meet husbandry, environmental and regulatory challenges and those that improve carbon efficiency. Where we consider these of potential benefit to the Irish industry we:

  1. Import the technology—we look for new technologies globally, and bring the most promising ones to Ireland to be assessed by BIM.
  2. Trial the technology—we work with industry to test the technology and undertake a systematically evaluation of the technology when employed under Irish conditions.
  3. Present the technology—the outcomes of our technology trials are made available to industry.
  4. Distribute the technology—when outcomes of technology trials are positive, we support the widespread introduction of the technology in Ireland through our grant schemes.

In this way we funnel suitable technology towards the aquaculturists who will benefit from it. This saves local fish farmers time and expense in conducting this research themselves and most importantly, de-risks the adoption of new technology.

Technology Services projects are part funded through the Knowledge Gateway Scheme which is established under Union Priority 2 of Ireland’s Operational Programme under the EMFF and is co-funded by the Irish Government and the EU.

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