Recirculation and Depuration Technology

Recirculation and Depuration Technology Recirculation and Depuration Technology


Recirculation technology allows the reuse of water within aquaculture facilities and often includes treatment systems to ensure that water quality is retained at the highest standards. BIM has supported the adoption of this technology by the aquaculture sector through research, funding and technical support to bring the technology to commercial viability.

One project where BIM worked with industry to trial an innovative freshwater integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) system in Ireland was on the RAMPS project – Recirculation Aquaculture Multitrophic Pond Systems. The aim was to assess suitability of split ponds for production of fish in Irish conditions. The utilisation of duckweed and algae to treat wastewater and potential ancillary benefits was also assessed.


If successful, the technology had the potential to:


A trial was conducted by BIM in conjunction with Keywater Fisheries Ltd.


The Results

The fish were harvested, and initial results were very promising with high survival and growth. Future work will concentrate on modifying the systems to improve yield, energy efficiency and system performance. These learnings can then be fed back into Industry.



Depuration of seafood is the process by which marine or freshwater animals are placed into a clean water environment for a period of time to allow purging of biological contaminants (such as Escherichia coli) and physical impurities ,such as sand and silt. The most common subjects of depuration are  bivalves, so oystersclams, and mussels.

BIM assist those that wish to set up one of these units in the area of technology required, HACCP plans required and verification testing. We can also advise on available funding.

As depuration units are required to enable shellfish for sale for human consumption from Class B waters, BIM has taken the initiative to develop a depuration workshop for aquaculture operators.


Note: Due to Covid – 19 workshop dates are yet scheduled.

Key Workshop Aims

Recirculation and Depuration Technology projects are funded through the Knowledge Gateway Scheme which is established under Union Priority 2 of Ireland’s Operational Programme under the EMFF and is co-funded by the Irish Government and the EU.

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