Protected Disclosures

The purpose of the Protected Disclosures Act, 2014 is to provide a framework within which employees can raise concerns regarding potential wrongdoing that has come to their attention in connection with their work. The Act provides protection from penalisation if it results from the making of a protected disclosure.

The Director of Corporate Services is the designated officer to whom disclosures of relevant wrongdoings may be made in respect of matters relating to BIM. 

Disclosure to the Director of Corporate Services is protected where the worker reasonably believes that the relevant wrongdoing relates to the protection of the environment in the State and that the information disclosed, and any allegations contained in it, are substantially true.

These disclosures can be made for the attention of the Director of Corporate Services by letter to:

BIM Director of Corporate Services
An Bord Iascaigh Mhara
Crofton Road
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin  

State that the disclosure is being made under Section 7 of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014, providing a description of the relevant wrongdoing, provide copies of information that tend to show the wrongdoing in order to assist the investigation of the matters raised and provide preferred contact details.

BIM will protect the identity of the discloser if possible but may be obliged to reveal the identity so that a proper investigation can be carried out. Anonymous disclosures will be investigated insofar as is practicable with the information supplied.

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Protected Disclosures Policy

BIM  is  committed  to  creating  a  workplace  culture  that  encourages  the  making  of  protected  disclosures and provides protection for disclosers. Disclosure of wrongdoing in accordance with these  Procedures  (and  in  accordance  with  legislation)  is  welcomed  and  the  emphasis  of  the  management and Board will be on approval and support of such disclosure. BIM will provide training to its staff on how to process, assess and, where relevant, investigate whistleblowing reports as well as any legal responsibilities arising from them.


Protected Disclosures Policy