Strive to work smarter, faster, and better

Prioritise tasks that make a difference

We will put first the services and initiatives that create a positive impact for the Irish seafood sector. To assist this aim, we will engage with and listen to the sector, to assess their needs, identify the priorities, and be responsive in our actions. We will pursue continuous improvement in our work, and in how we work, and will ensure our structures support this efficiency ambition. All these advances will be aligned to and measured against this strategy, on an ongoing basis.

Drive efficiency

We will automate and digitise as much of what we do as possible, while broadening the reach and accessibility of our services. If we can simplify, consolidate, or eliminate a task, we will do so.

We will identify and adopt best-practice efficiencies from best practice in the private and state sector, in Ireland and abroad. We will measure the impact of these changes, to ensure we increase ease of access to what we do, and in how we do it. We will gather information on how we support clients that all our teams can access – to set standards and encourage collaboration.

Transition to digital-first services

BIM has already made significant movements towards a more agile, digital model of delivering our services. But we need to find ways to go further, faster. Our philosophy should be digital-first: for speed of access, efficiency, and to integrate information in our decisions. We aim to lead in digital services across the sector and will develop solutions that educate and benefit stakeholders. Our communications and engagement will be digitally led, to facilitate more effective personal contact. These aims will need a digital strategy that echoes the scale and ambition of our overall strategy. To enable this, we will need to make investments in infrastructure, expertise, and training.

Make informed, measurable decisions

All the information we gather, and all the digitalisation we achieve, will primarily serve to inform and guide our actions. We will ensure our decision-making is based on objective data, and our activity returns measurable benefits.