Environmental Services for Fishermen

We can assist you to meet environmental legislative requirements, implement best practices that minimise your fishing effort’s impact on the environment, and obtain product certification that will give you greater access to the market.

Advice from Local Fisheries Officers

Our fisheries officers will help you prepare for the assessment process for fishing activity in Natura 2000 sites; on supports available to implement the Lobster V-Notching Conservation Method to improve the sustainability of Ireland's lobster stocks; and on the benefits, design, installation, maintenance and operation of live holding facilities for shellfish.

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Responsibly Sourced Seafood (RSS) Standard

We provide internationally accredited product certification and labelling for wild capture fisheries, as well as help with external certification programmes, giving you greater access to markets.

BIM’s team can also provide you with help to achieve Responsibly Sourced Seafood (RSS) Standard product certification for wild capture fisheries provide you with information on Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP) to improve sustainability within a fishery and progress to certification under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

For further information contact our RSS Team

Fish Handling Quality Guides

Our Handling and Quality Guides can help you to assess the quality of your product, and guide you in best practice from capture through grading, boxing and storage to onward transport.

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Fishing for Litter

BIM is operating the national ‘Fishing for Litter’ Programme. This initiative encourages fishermen to take ashore the litter you encounter at sea while fishing.

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Fisheries Management Chart

Download the 2020 Fisheries Management Chart (pdf 7,426Kb)    

Presents information on the full implementation of the landing obligation including de minimis and survivability exemptions.