Quality Assurance Labelling Schemes

Quality-labelled products are highly sought after by seafood retailers, food service buyers and consumers. Our independently accredited EN45011/ISO-65 quality assurance schemes for Mussels, Oysters, Salmon, Trout, Arctic Char, Turbot and Perch support the production of world class farmed seafood and enhance consumer confidence through traceability to best practice.

Irish Quality Assurance LogoWe can assist you in getting certified through the following schemes so you can use the Irish Quality Assurance labelling and help your products stand out in the market place.


Irish Quality Mussel Scheme

The Irish Quality Mussel Scheme specify standards for:

  • Shell appearance, taste and texture
  • Product safety and integrity
  • Best industry practice in environmental and employee welfare

To inquire about the scheme contact BIM’S Shellfish Quality Officer Vicky Lyons.

Irish Salmon

Presence of the mark assures that:

  • The salmon has been hatched, raised, harvested and packed under the strictest levels of food hygiene
  • The product can be fully traced from hatchery to packing

To inquire about the scheme contact BIM’s Finfish Quality Officer Vera Heffernan.

Irish Trout & Arctic Charr, Turbot and Perch

The Irish Quality Trout Scheme is designed to transparently demonstrate the integrity of product and processes used in the production and processing of trout by participating company members. The scheme has three fully integrated standards covering the whole supply chain from broodstock to the final packed product.

The Irish Quality Aquaculture Scheme was developed in response to the requirement for quality certification for new emerging species being farmed in Ireland. These species include Arctic Charr, Perch and Turbot.

The standard was developed by extending the scope of the existing Irish Quality Trout standard and incorporates aquaculture requirements specific to each species.

To inquire about the scheme contact BIM’S Finfish Quality Officer Vera Heffernan.

Irish Quality Oyster Scheme

Quality Oysters Assurance LogoTo obtaining oysters of high quality efforts are concentrated on maintaining low stocking densities and choosing growing sites in areas of clean waters resulting in excellent quality and good growth rates.

Visit our specialised website about the Irish Quality Oyster

To inquire about the scheme contact BIM’S Shellfish Quality Officer Vicky Lyons.

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Vicki Lyons
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Vera Heffernan
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