ECO Assurance Labelling Schemes

Eco-certification provides an opportunity to distinguish the Irish Aquaculture Product on the global market through Irish Eco Labeling, while positively managing the local environment that sustains the sector through our independently accredited EN45011/ISO-65 quality assurance programmes.

BIM_ECO_LogoWe can assist you in getting certified so you can use the Eco approved organic logo and help your products stand out in the market place.

‌The Eco-label currently covers Mussels, Salmon and Trout. To achieve the label companies must provide evidence of an Environmental Management System incorporating:

  • Site selection and management
  • Environmental aspects of operations including visual impacts
  • Nature and biodiversity
  • Cultural heritage
  • Waste management and reduction
  • Resource management and conservation

To inquire about the scheme contact BIM’S Shellfish Quality Officer Vicky Lyons or BIM’s Finfish Quality Officer Vera Heffernan.

Gráinne Devine
Gráinne Devine
Speak to me about: Environmental Management Systems - ECOPACT, Appropriate Assessments under the Habitats Directive, nature conservation issues, ECO labels and Fish Farm Waste
Direct: +353 74 938 1743
Mobile: +353 87 915 6293
Vicky Lyons
Vicky Lyons
Speak to me about: Shellfish Quality Schemes, Food Safety Management Systems, HACCP plans, oyster and mussel quality
Direct: +353 1 2144134
Mobile: +353 87 9156271
Vera Heffernan
Vera Flynn
Speak to me about: Finfish Quality Schemes, Food Safety Management Systems, HACCP plans, salmon and trout quality, organic salmon, and Protected Geographic Indicators
Direct: +353 1 214 4193
Mobile: +353 87 419 0114

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