The judges will be looking for individuals or companies that have taken and applied innovative ideas, technologies or processes to drive their seafood business.  Applicants will need to demonstrate clear, positive outcomes for their enterprise as a result of their innovation process. 

Best New Fishing Practice Award

This Award is open to fisherman, fishing crew or a vessel that has instigated an initiative that successfully demonstrates an innovative approach to improve fishing. We invite entries from any applicants that can clearly show the success they have achieved due to the adoption of new technology, a new approach to fishing techniques or any innovation that improves their catch or the management of a fishery.

Innovation in Aquaculture Award

Aquaculture is a relatively young food production industry and we invite entrants to this Award who can demonstrate the innovative application of new technology or techniques to their business. Entrants will need to clearly demonstrate how the use of their innovation has contributed to the efficiency, reliability or safety of their operation. Innovations may range from the use of new technologies, new processes, novel application of equipment or the use of existing techniques in an innovative manner that have given clear positive results for your aquaculture business.

Innovation in Seafood Processing Award

This award recognises a project, action or initiative carried out by an organisation in Ireland’s seafood sector that can best demonstrate true innovation. The innovation can be in any area – for example a new product or packaging, innovative use of technology or a strategic partnership which has brought your organisation to the next level.

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