Irish seafood enterprises are operating in a keenly competitive environment.  Controlling costs and finding ways to keep a competitive edge and maximise value and returns are essential components to seafood business strategies.  The Awards in this section are designed to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit in our seafood sector.

Fishing Enterprise of the Year

This award recognises excellence in the field of competitiveness of a fishing enterprise.  Applicants are asked to focus on areas where they have created a keen competitive advantage through initiatives on board the vessel and also on shore activities, where they apply.

Aquaculture Enterprise of the Year

We invite entries to this Award from those involved in the primary production of aquaculture produce. This Award will go to a producer that has pushed the boundaries of their business in recent years and can demonstrate a clear competitive advantage as a result of their strategy.

Seafood Enterprise/ Entrepreneur Award

The Seafood Enterprise/ Entrepreneur of the Year award concentrates on four key business areas. We ask entrants to focus on their leadership and strategy, financial and employment performance, market position and excellence in technology/ products.

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