Presentations from BIM Oyster Industry Workshop presentations now available


Lee Hunter, Founder and CEO, The Oyster Pitch, giving a presentation about oyster husbandry techniques at the BIM/IFA Oyster Industry Workshop held in Dungarvan, Co Waterford in April, 2023

The presentations from the BIM Oyster Industry Workshop held in Dungarvan last month are now available.

You can view or download the presentations by clicking on the links below.

1. Welcome Presentation

2. Oyster Husbandry Techniques

3. Oyster Trade Data update 2023

4. Invasive Species – Northern European Trends

5. IFA Aquaculture Presentation

6. Single Use Plastics Directive

7. Intermediatory Operators

8. Re-emergence of Norovirus impact on oyster areas

9. Animal Health Legislation update

10. Disease Trends in Oysters

11. Vibrio aestuarianus – a bivalve pathogen

12. Can we prevent and mitigate bivalve disease