Fisheries Management Chart

Fisheries Management Chart Fisheries Management Chart

The BIM Fisheries Management Chart has been produced annually since 2005 and collates the numerous EU regulations regarding Technical Measures that the Irish Fishing Industry must comply with on a daily basis. Technical measures are rules governing how and where fishermen may fish. They aim to control the catch that can be taken with a given amount of fishing effort and also to minimise the impacts of fishing on the ecosystem. They form an integral part of the regulatory framework of most fisheries management systems including within Union waters.

Technical measures can be grouped into:

The Fishery Management Chart presents these Regulations in a user-friendly format. The chart is a user-friendly guide which informs users about options available to reduce unwanted catches and promotes sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources. The current Fisheries Management Chart is available here:

Fisheries Management Chart  – February 2024


Online Fisheries Management Platform

BIM, in partnership with The Marine Institute  and The Sea Fisheries Protection Agency  has developed an online Fisheries Management Platform to accommodate the significant amount of legislation, which a paper chart in terms of space, is limited. The development of this online platform overcomes this and allows the presentation of technical measures at a fishery and area level. This will permit users to access the information they require easily and efficiently.


Online Charts


Dublin Bay Prawns


Mackerel and Herring


Cod, Haddock, Whiting and Sole


Brown Crab, Lobster and Scallop


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