Meet Kevin Byrne, Chief Engineer on MFV Sheanne

Kevin Byrne started his marine training with BIM in 1999 on the Class 3 Engineering Course in Greencastle. Setting out from Killybegs, his work has taken him all over Europe.

Kevin recalls, “I have always been interested in boats and the mechanics behind them. I started with BIM on the Class 3 Engineer Course in Greencastle back in 1999. I served time as an apprentice aboard various fishing vessels working out of Killybegs.

Once I completed the course I served as 3rd engineer on ‘MFV Atlantean’ and when I had enough sea time done, returned to the Fisheries College in Greencastle to do the Fishing vessel Engineer Class 2 certificate of competency and an oral exam with the Marine Survey Office.

I then sailed as second engineer and when the opportunity arose to complete the Class 1 certificate of competency, I once again returned to Greencastle in 2006.

Since graduating I have served as Chief Engineer on various pelagic vessels in Killybegs and since 2011 I am serving on  the ‘MFV Sheanne’.

The job has taken me all over western Europe from Spain to Norway through calm and stormy seas and the experience of being part of a ship’s crew all working together is part of the satisfaction that makes a working life at sea so rewarding.

The ongoing learning and career opportunities are excellent for anyone looking at the Marine Engineering courses and it’s a credit to BIM and the staff at the National Fisheries Colleges for their dedicated and continued work in this important area, because we are, after all, an island nation.”

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