New Fishermen Scheme

This scheme assists new entrants into the fishing industry in acquiring ownership of your first whitefish fishing vessel.

Who is Eligible?

Fishermen under 40 years of age who:

  • have not previously owned or part owned any fishing vessel 
  • can demonstrate that they have worked for at least five years on a fishing vessel

What is Funded?

Acquiring ownership, in full or in part, of your first fishing vessel.

The vessel must belong to the polyvalent and be:

  • second-hand (between 5 and 30 years old at time of purchase)
  • have an overall length greater than or equal to 7 metres and less than 24 metres
  • excluding vessels in that sector of 12m to 24m (LOA) using active fishing gear (trawlers, seine netters and dredgers)

    For full details see your application form.

Amounts Granted

25% of the eligible acquisition costs of the vessel directly incurred by the applicant (or an amount not exceeding 75,000 euro, whichever is the lower).

Any grant will be calculated on the applicants direct investment in the purchase of the vessel. Where the vessel is:

  • purchased as a partnership, the applicant must hold and maintain at least a 25% or greater shareholding in the vessel. 
  • purchased and registered in a company name, the applicant must hold and maintain at least a 25% or greater share of the company.

The above specified shareholding or any greater shareholding upon which the original grant is calculated must be maintained by the applicant for the following five years.

How To apply

  • Save the New Fishermen Scheme Application Form (pdf 1,024Kb) to a location on your computer
  • Launch the form from your computer location and complete the form saving the changes
  • Send the completed application:

How long does the process take?

From application to approval under this scheme usually takes up to six weeks but may take longer should supporting documentation additional to the application be required.

Key Dates

Status: Open

Due date: Assessed monthly

Application Form

Download the New Fishermen Scheme Application Form (pdf 1,024Kb) 

Contact Us

To learn more about this grant, contact:

Philip MacGabhann
Direct: +353 1 2144245

Maurice Power
Direct: +353 1 2144244


Economic Data Collection

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