BIM trials the Notus echo sensor with the Swedish Grid

BIM working with industry trialed a Notus echo sensor onboard the MFV Karen Mary in June 2019.

The Echo sensor was attached to the Swedish grid where it recorded and relayed the frequency of hits on the grid back to the wheelhouse.

This data was displayed as a graphical output that benefits the skipper by determining where the greatest concentrations of Nephrops are occurring during a tow, allowing for repeat tows over those areas.

The above is a graph readout from a three-hour tow. The reduction in the frequency of hits recorded on the grid indicate that the prawn catches dropped off after the first hour (approximately).

Going Forward

Using the data from the echo potentially means quotas will be filled quickly thereby reducing, fuel consumption (thus lowering CO2 emissions), habitat impacts (i.e. less gear contact with the seabed) and, wear and tear on the gear.

Further Information

For further information contact Dr Matthew McHugh
Direct: +353 91 564318 or +353 91 564319
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