Environmental and social sustainability have become central features of most business strategies. The BIM sustainability awards will celebrate businesses and individuals who have gone beyond the legislative requirements and demonstrated their commitment to the future of the Irish seafood sector. The judges will look for companies that have placed environmental and social concerns at the heart of their business, working out ways to make a sustainable establishment work for them, their employees and their customers.

Responsible Fisherman of the Year

This Award is open to all fishermen, who are registered and working in the Irish fishing industry for two years or more. We are looking for someone who not only meets all the legislative requirements but further demonstrates a deep commitment to responsible fishing. Entrants will need to demonstrate how they are implementing responsible fishing practices, positive crew welfare initiatives and other elements that will contribute meaningfully to the industry’s future sustainability.

Aquaculture Environmental and Social Responsibility Award

The Award is open to individuals and companies who are operating in the Irish fish and shellfish farming industry. We are looking for entrants who can demonstrate a strong environmental and socially responsible focus in all of their business activities. This Award will go to an entrant who has embedded working with the environment and the local community into the core of their operations.

Green Processor Award

Entries for this award are invited from organisations involved in the seafood processing industry. We are looking for a company that has made substantial environmental changes to their business in areas such as sourcing, transport, energy, waste etc. Equally important will be their commitment to staff and local community engagement. The winner will have achieved numerous environmental targets in recent years and will have a clear plan for the future.

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