Green Seafood Business Case Studies

Case studies of work we've been involved with.

Environment, Processing atlantis_case_study.jpg

Reducing operating costs through improved water use

BIM in partnership with the EPA worked with Atlantis Seafoods, Wexford to identify and fix leaks in their water system saving the company thousands annually in water charges.


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Greater efficiencies, and a green environment

Sofrimar Kilmore Quay realised €20,000 in annual savings, while reducing its environmental impact, as part of the Green Seafood Business Programme.


Environment, Innovation, Processing Island Seafoods Ltd logo

Island Seafood Ltd. makes Giant steps towards a better and greener way of working saving €32,000 per annum

Island Seafoods demonstrates how the seafood sector can progress towards a better and greener way of working.


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Shellfish Ireland

Shellfish Ireland makes improvements of up to 10% in efficiency, saving over 10,200 litres of diesel fuel annually.


Environment, Innovation Fleet of vans

How much is 10% of fleet fuel transport costs worth to your company?

Road transport fuel consumption is one of the largest expenses for seafood companies running a transport fleet and is the largest emitter of CO2.


Green Seafood Business Programme