A  Career in Processing, Research & Development and Marketing

Whether you opt for a career as a seafood technologist or aim to be a research & development manager, BIM courses will introduce you to the highest quality food preparation and handling skills, and impeccable food hygiene standards.

Seafood processing and marketing is an exciting and expanding sector for anyone with a background in food studies including:

  • Food Science
  • Food Engineering
  • Food Nutrition
  • Food Technology
  • Food Business
  • Food Marketing.

Developing new innovative seafood products is an exciting area to work in. Hear more from Aileen Deasy, BIM’s Seafood Technologist.

Hear why Jane Kennedy of Keohane's Seafoods loves her job as Research & Development Manager.

Discover your own special interest. Is it new product development? New recipes? Researching new markets and market trends? Image and packaging development? Or perhaps you're more interested in the leadership & management skills you'll need to head up a team.

Whatever your specialisation, all students will learn about quality control & management of food safety systems (such as HACCP and BRC).

BIM also has a placement scheme for graduates with a food science background through our Seafood Development Center (SDC) in Cork. This enables successful candidates to work with a wide range of seafood companies on research & development projects. For more information on the scheme contact our SDC.

BIM courses include:

  • Fish Quality Assessment
  • Fish Fileting Workshops
  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Seafood HACCP Workshops
  • Hygienic Design of Seafood Premises
  • Seafood Graduate Development Programme

Find out more about the workshops available through BIM 


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Find out about our placement scheme for graduates, contact:

Aileen Deasy
Direct: +353 1 2144155

Get information on our quality control & management of food safety systems