A Career as a Marine Engineer

If you have a flair for machinery and modern technology, there's a special place on the marine team for you. Because every vessel needs a marine engineer to maintain and repair all the machinery – and there's a lot of gear on a boat.

Interested in a job as a Marine Engineer? Learn all about it from Paul Sheehan.

From the main engines to electrical generators, pumps, refrigeration, hydraulics and winches, the on-board marine engineer is a vital and highly respected member of the crew.  And it's a very satisfying feeling knowing that everything on board is running smoothly like a well-oiled machine because you've done your job. Where problems arise, you analyse and solve them.  You use your judgement – that's where your training helps. And all the mathematics that used to be theoretical – it's a vital practical tool when you're on a boat or in a Marine Control Room.

Because don't forget that as well as maintenance, marine engineers are the people who actually design, develop and produce all that equipment. So if machinery and technology is what floats your boat, there's a career in the Seafood Industry for you!

Marine engineering is a learning curve that doesn't stop when you land a job. It's a fast-moving area that continues to develop.

Technical know-how and computer skills help of course; but there's no substitute for a curious mind, a creative imagination and a logical approach to decision making. Oh, and communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team help as well!

If this sounds like you, then you sound like the kind of person who should be thinking about a career as a marine engineer.

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Learm more about the training provided by BIM