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Our project overviews and case studies outline the work we do in the industry.

Environment, Fish farming, Innovation

BIM collaborate in Irish Sea Portal Pilot project with Bangor University

BIM are working in collaboration with Bangor University in Wales on a project set to benefit the shellfish sector in Ireland and Wales with a resource that is shared across the Irish Sea.


Catching, Environment, Fish farming, Innovation Safety at Sea campaign video thumbnail

Live to Tell the Tale

BIM urge fishermen to 'Live to Tell The Tale' in our Hard-hitting Safety at Sea campaign that aims to promote significant behavioural change.


Environment, Fish farming, Processing Taste The Atlantic video preview

Taste the Atlantic - a Seafood Journey

Taste the Atlantic – a Seafood Journey is exactly that. Stretching south from Erris Co. Mayo to Connemara and on to Galway Bay, passing some of Ireland’s most breathtaking seascapes and landmarks, it’s a whole new way to experience the Wild Atlantic Way and to learn more about how Irish seafood is caught and farmed. Dotted among the natural wonders are renowned seafood producers


Environment, Fish farming, Innovation Salmon farm in the west of Ireland

A sustainable future for Ireland's coastal and island communities

BIM is applying for a licence to farm Atlantic salmon in the lee of Inishturk. We aim to facilitate the development of an organic salmon farm that can accommodate safe, efficient, and sustainable fish farming to meet market demand and create sustainable jobs in an area where they are badly needed.


Catching, Environment, Innovation Net with Sewdish Grid fitted

Assessment of the effect of the Swedish Grid on commercial fishing for Nephrops.

Our trials assessed the effect to the nephrops catch when using the pioneering ‘Swedish Grid’ to allow unwanted cod escape the net. The grid had minimal impact on the important prawn fishery but significantly reduced by-catch helping to rebuild cod stocks in the Irish Sea.

Project aim: access any losses to the nephrops catch


Fish farming, Innovation, Processing Global Seafood Player 2013 Thumbnail

Irish Seafood - Becoming a Global Seafood Player

The Irish Seafood Industry is performing well with exports up 18% in 2012 on the previous year. Watch this video to find out more about how important the Irish Seafood Sector is to the Irish economy, the potential that exists particularly in emerging markets like China, the increasing global demand for healthy premium seafood and the ambitious targets to be achieved by the sector by 2020.


Innovation, Processing SDC Video Thumbnail.jpg

Bring your seafood company's innovative ideas to life

BIM's Seafood Development Centre (SDC) offers you the opportunity to test and trial your company’s innovative product and process ideas in our facilities, before committing to full commercialisation and capital investment costs.‌


Fish farming, Innovation, New species Laminaria digitata (kelp)

Developing seaweed farming to produce a high-value product

BIM working with industry and researchers from Queen’s University Belfast and NUI Galway developed cultivation techniques for farming native seaweed usilised in high value products such as medicines, cosmetics and functional foods.

Project aim: the commercial cultivation of Kelp (Laminaria digitata)

Ireland’s seaweed and biotechnology sector is worth €18m annually. Supplied mainly from the wild resource there is great commercial potential for Irish aquaculture through the farming of seaweed for use in this high value sector.


Environment, Processing Salmon fillets being packaged

Reducing operating costs through improved water use

BIM in partnership with the EPA worked with Atlantis Seafoods, Wexford to identify and fix leaks in their water system saving the company thousands annually in water charges.

Project aim: reduce environmental impact and operating costs of seafood processing


Catching, Environment, Innovation Fish Tag Skates

Recovering disc tags used to monitor skates and rays

Return fish tags containing the text www.bim.ie/tag to BIM and receive €20 for assisting us in our fish monitoring work.

Project Aim: Assess how skates and rays survive after release from fishing gear


Catching, Environment, Innovation A common dolphin swimming off the Irish coast

Monitoring Interactions between Irish Fisheries and Protected Species

BIM in association with colleagues from the Marine Institute and other Institutes monitor interactions between Irish fisheries and protected species.

Project Aim

Implementation of monitoring requirements under Council Regulation (EC) no 812/2004 and the Habitats Directive


Catching, Fish farming Fisherman Noel O'Sullivan survivor of an accident at sea

BIM, Irish Water Safety and RNLI drive Lifejacket Safety Awareness campaign

BIM are continuing to promote the importance of safety to industry and to encourage more fishermen to wear their lifejackets at sea with a targeted media campaign.

Project aim: encourage more fishermen to wear their lifejackets at sea


Environment, Fish farming New unified marking scheme in use

Group marking of aquaculture sites improves navigation

We assisted oyster farmers in Dungarvan Harbour to incorporate their sites' boundary marks into one enhanced marking scheme for the production area to improve navigation.

Project aim: improve navigation and safety 


Innovation, Processing Minister Coveney at Keohans of Bantry

BIM's client Keohane's Seafoods creates 12 new jobs

BIM's client Keohane's Seafoods has opened a new factory with the creation of 12 jobs. They have also launched a range of innovative fresh microwaveable seafood products.

Project aim

To create a value added seafood product from fresh fish and to provide more accessible ways for people to eat fish.


Fish farming, Innovation, Processing Live trout from Goatsbridge farm

BIM Helps Kilkenny Farm

See how BIM helped Goatsbridge trout farm to go from commodity to innovator on their Kilkenny farm.

Project aim

BIM has worked over the years with the successful trout farming operation, Goatsbridge Trout Farm and this project highlights the many areas of expertise in BIM that companies with ideas and sound business plans can tap into.

Environment, Fish farming Farmers working on oyster beds at low tide

Water quality monitoring on Irish oyster farms

Updated 02 Feb 2011

We're tracking the temperature and salinity of bays in Ireland in order to understand the impact of these factors on the performance of oyster stock.

Project aim: identify ideal conditions for oyster farming

In 2009, high death rates in juvenile oysters around the Irish coast were linked to the ostreid herpes virus OsHV1 uvar.


Catching, Environment

Cockle fisheries reopen in Dundalk after Natura 2000

BIM assisted with the reopening of the cockle fisheries in Dundalk Bay in 2009 after it was designated a Natura 2000 site.

Project aim: Reopening fisheries in a Natura 2000 site.



Environment, Fish farming

Increasing productivity and reducing visual impact of mussel farms

BIM, the Ardgroom CLAMS group, and local farmers worked together to improve the environment of Ardgroom Bay, with the dual aim of increasing mussel growth and reducing the visual impact of mussel farms.

Project aim: Improve mussel growing environments in Ardgroom Bay



Fish farming, Innovation, New species

New species, new opportunities

BIM aims to diversify Ireland’s aquaculture production base with new and exciting species. Our development plans are always market led and when deciding which species to farm, we choose those with the greatest potential for profitable production.

Project aim: Create opportunities in Irish aquaculture by farming new species


Fish farming, Innovation

Innovative mussel farming technology introduced to Irish industry

We imported and trailed the innovative New Zealand’s rope mussel on-growing system to help develop the Irish mussel farming industry, successfully adapting it for use under Irish conditions. 

Project Aim: To develop Irish mussel farming through the introduction of new technology. 


Catching, Environment

Fishing for Litter

BIM urge fishermen to 'Live to Tell The Tale' in our Hard-hitting Safety at Sea campaign that aims to promote significant behavioural change.


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