Environment Management System

Through our Environment Management System (EMS) we assist you to implement practices onboard your vessel and help minimise the impact of your fishing effort on the marine environment. Our EMS is a pre-requisite for any vessel that would like to obtain BIM Responsibly Sourced Standard or MSC certification.

How can I implement an Environment Management System onboard my vessel?

We work primarily through collectives to assist you to developing an Environment Management System onboard your vessel.

We will assist each vessel to implement responsible fishing practices and to document these practices in an in the SEMS manual.

Responsible fishing practices onboard your vessel include:

  • Facilitate increased revenue through good fish handling and fuel efficiencies
  • Improve the safety of your crew
  • Contribute to the sustainability of the resource through improved discard reduction and fish selectivity
  • Demonstrate your good stewardship of the marine environment through responsible waste management  practices such as the dispose of old nets and fishing gear

Find out about our funding scheme to assist your collective.

Why do I need an Environment Management System (EMS) for my vessel?

Our EMS is a pre-requisite for any vessel applying for the BIM Responsibly Sourced Standard, an internationally accredited product certification and labelling for wild capture fisheries which gives you greater access to domestic and export markets.

We also provide advice and support to Industry to apply for or maintain MSC certification through:

  • Technical review of the principles of the MSC assessment
  • Assistance with documentation that demonstrates compliance with MSC requirements
  • Assistance with Product Traceability and Audit requirements for the MSC Chain of Custody requirements