For Fish Farmers

Let our environmental experts advise you on new fishing and fish farming opportunities, responsible fishing and farming practices, and the latest environmental innovations.

Advice from Local Aquaculture Officiers

From licensing and grant applications to group marking of sites, our Regional Aquaculture Resource Development Officers can help your business adapt to the environment.

Talk to a Regional Aquaculture Development Officier.

Certified Quality Aquaculture (CQA) Standard

Help your product stand out in the marketplace with our quality programme, which supports the production, processing and labelling of world-class farmed Irish seafood.

Learn more about our CQA Standard.

Environment Management System for Aquaculture (ECOPACT)

Let us help you improve the environmental performance of your fish or shellfish farm with an Environment Management System delivered through our ECOPACT initiative.

Learn more about ECOPACT.

Co-ordinated Local Aquaculture Management Systems (CLAMS)

If you are a fish or shellfish farmer, our nationwide initiative can help you work with local communities and other producers to develop a sustainable aquaculture industry.

Learn more about CLAMS.